Monthly Archives: December 2014

BYB Spotlight: Costume Mistress Cindi McKay

Our next spotlight is on BYB’s Costume Mistress Cindi McKay! It’s unusual for a school of our size to have a dedicated Costume Mistress, which is why we’re so very thankful for all of the hard work that Cindi does to make our productions look so professional. You can’t miss Cindi…she’s usually got yards of […]

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BYB Spotlight: BYB Founder & Director Adalhi Aranda

Our spotlight series continues by shining a light on BYB Director and Founder Adalhi Aranda. Miss Adalhi’s tireless energy and creative vision are the heart and soul of Bluegrass Youth Ballet. Miss Adalhi’s dream was to open a family-friendly dance studio where students could receive high-quality dance training in a positive environment. She made that […]

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